[OST] Han Soo Ji - Beautiful Sad

8:27 AM

Han Soo Ji - Beautiful Sad
Ost Angel Eyes Part 6

Late at night
Sunshines are sleep that night
With every star light
Blowing in the air

Hold on
Let me inside your teard
I’m gonna hold you
Just be with me

Stay with me
Darkness is near by me
Sometimes I’m lonely
But I can see

Hold me
Let me inside your dreams
You gonna hold me
As you love me

I feel The great time
That we had together
All the time

I won’t ask
even though trying to far away
I know you are still there with me

Fly away
From your tears make you sad
When the spring winds blowing
You wanna dance with me

Go away
With a flap of the wings
You are still shinning
All on my dreams
Cr: Jk-poplyrics

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